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Ring in the Holidays with a NYC IPL Photofacial

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be getting your holiday gift list together and wondering how you'll fit in all the shopping you need along with work and the various commitments of your daily life. This year, be sure to give yourself a gift that you'll enjoy like new each time you look in the mirror!  Make an appointment to get your NYC IPL Photofacial and discover how extraordinary this gentle treatment can be for enhancing the natural beauty of your face (Source: Berkowitz Dermatology IPL Photofacial NYC).

What is an IPL Photofacial?

This procedure is a popular treatment for removing skin elements that you wish weren't there such as blotchy or red patches, sun spots, acne scars, or even hyper pigmentation. The IPL Photofacial is performed by a trained medical professional who will employ a gentle laser treatment that removes redness and dark, discolored areas of your skin. While many patients may require successive treatments to achieve superior results, they will still notice immediate improvements that actually continue to improve with each day as the skin improves itself.

Beyond the Face

This treatment also works on other areas of the skin. Many people like to have the procedure done for birthmarks, deep wrinkles, large skin pores, unsightly veins, and other problem skin areas on the neck, chest, and even hands. You can talk to your dermatologist about the problem skin areas that may benefit from IPL treatments.

The Benefits of an IPL Photofacial

The main benefit, of course, is the feeling you'll get when you see how the treatment enhances your skin. Results are long-lasting and the procedure is comfortably non-invasive. This means you'll be treated as an out-patient and should only feel minimum discomfort during the treatment that typically lasts about thirty to thirty-five minutes. Even if you find areas need additional treatments, you'll still enjoy beautiful results after you give yourself that first gift of an IPL Photofacial. You might even smile a bit brighter for the camera this holiday season knowing that your skin looks its very best. So as you make your gift list, don't forget to include yourself and make that appointment for your NYC IPL Photofacial!

About the author: 

Cherie Chow is a certified medical assistant for a renowned dermatologist in New York City. To learn more about IPL Photofacial and other skin care treatments, follow her Google+.

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