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Website Design Basics: Colors and More

There are many basic principles of design that can be studied and employed. These principles are especially important when it comes to website design. An outdated, ugly, or unprofessional website makes potential customers think the same things about your business. Continue reading for some tips on how to improve the design of your website, and hopefully increase customer interest as a result.

Color Schemes

As is the case with design in general, color schemes should be kept simple. Two or three colors are sufficient for your website, just like it is for a soda can or a wedding reception. The best thing to do is to consider using your company’s theme for color schemes. You can parallel the color scheme with your company logo as well. While people’s reactions to colors are completely subjective, there is kind of a safe zone to stay in. A palate of gray, black, and peach or a light orange looks modern and clean. The same can be said for gray, black, and red. Tan, turquoise, and light yellow colors also appeal to visitors.

Reduce Text and More

When you receive a sheet of paper or pamphlet that’s full of text, you probably feel intimidated. You feel like you don’t want to read it, or it will take a while. You may not know where to start, or what the text is describing. The same goes for web design. Save the text for sub-pages that your guests will visit. If they want to read the history of your company, keep it brief, and don’t put it on the front page. Trimming the page count along with the text can help simplify your webpage. Finally, don’t bombard guests with photographs either. If you have a gallery, let them browse. Sprinkle a few photos in with text, but do so tastefully and sparingly.

Font and Browsers

Keep in mind that not everybody uses the same type of computer or browser. Use a font that can be seen across different types of browsers. This also means choosing one that is easily readable that can be taken seriously. When you choose a company to do your website design, ask what your font options are and how many browsers they can design for. These things will all attract customers and increase your business. 

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