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2014 Summer Lounge Room Essentials

Summer has struck and you’re spread-eagled on the lounge room floor, dripping with perspiration and frustration, grateful for the heat but disgusted by the stickiness. You can’t move more than an inch away from the pedestal fan, still turning away with a faint buzzing concerto, charging along for its fifth year post University, when you’d spend days in front of it studying. Your house could do with an update, you know, your visitors know, even your sweat glands are driving you toward a split system air conditioner. While you’re taking care of your cooling problem, transform the entertainment quarter from shabby post-Uni chic, to crisp, memorable modern without spending too much coin. After all, the air con unit is the essential buy.

All About Ottomans

Your coffee table? Do you use it? Or do you drag it close underfoot as you watch TV, creating a half comfortable experience as you and your partner vie for elbow room? Sounds familiar? You need an ottoman. Not to confused with a similarly name Empire, an ottoman will give your footsies somewhere comfortable to rest, add a sleekness to the rooms’ aesthetic and, if you choose correctly, act as a storage space for all of those loose DVD’s and Blu-Rays. Some even fold out into a bed!

Coffee Table Tales

Don’t really put your feet up? Do you live on your coffee table? Think about updating the current issue and bidding goodbye to the old reliable bricks and plywood; you’ve outgrown them. Instead, shop around for a table that reflects your personality; some of them have drawers and hutches, some are stained with deep whorls and intricate detail; pick one that will match the decorative choices you’ve already made or desire to make.

The Thing About Books

The old bookcase you picked up at IKEA years ago probably looks a bit shabby right now; too many moves, deep scratches, loose pegs and pieces that only jam together and stay there – one tube of superglue later. Surely your books deserve better? A new bookcase will breathe elegance into a tired room, creating a complementary piece to direct the eye and perhaps capture bookish attentions, as your collection is displayed proudly. Height and width are no issue, as there are literally hundreds of bookcases on the market certain to suit your taste and budget.

Details? What Details?

Have you heard the expression, it’s all in the detail? Even if you lack the bank account to make dramatic changes to your living area, you can still perk up the room by sourcing a few decorative flourishes. Pillows, throws, wall paintings, runners, candles, statement pieces, they don’t have to set you back hundreds – explore online stores and bricks and mortar, choosing a theme and a few key pieces to really set it off. After you’ve settled on your pivotal decorations, it’s time to identify a swatch for accenting the right features – go for clean simple colours like creams, dark greys and black for an elegant, chic look. Throw in a dash of purple or blue to really make the room pop.

Over to you, our savvy room decorators. How did you make your last room makeover stand out? Any tips for would be interior accessories designers? Let us know in the comments below. 


  1. My living room could certainly use a redo. I'm thinking of changing up the colors but don't want to spend much so some pillows and throws will have to do the trick.

  2. If I can afford to do a living room makeover, I would certainly make sure to get all of those mentioned above and will make sure that it looks contemporary... :-)

  3. We need a new coffee table...ours is not looking so good anymore (fake leather that is peeling off, not a good look). Books? On my mantle!! :D

  4. to have a lounge room design for relaxing and reading that would be great

  5. Our living room could use a makeover. I am crocheting some pillows and accent throws to help with the decor.

  6. I guess my first comment didn't get through.Anyway, our living room could surely use some sprucing up right now and more furniture. I am telling you it is bare in here. Sadness. I don't feel inspired in doing any sprucing up. :(

  7. When I see this big lounges and spaces in a house I am always like "WoW"!

  8. I love glass top tables. The feel cool to my sight.
    Thanks for sharing these.


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