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Conversation leads to Spanish words

photo not mine
We were just at my mother in law’s place spending our Christmas day. It was a day full of fun and food. The whole families are once again gathering to celebrate and welcome the birth of Jesus. Also another way for family to be united on this very Special day.

Before we actually spent the night with my in-law’s place, we went to attend the Children’s Mass at 4:00 in the afternoon. My husband and I were shocked to see the church was packed. Good thing we were not that late and it just starts when we have our seat.

Moreover, we proceed to my in-law’s place to spend the night. It is so fun to see everyone is there, enjoying each other’s company. We are just randomly talking about different things until I talked with my son in my native language, which has similarity with Spanish language too. It must be a good thing to get a spanish dictionary to be able to know that spanish translation of certain words in a correct pronunciation. 


  1. That taglish book that I got for my husband is sometimes being read by my daughter and it's funny to listen to her say the words.

  2. Wow. I honestly have no idea with Spanish, a translator or translation dictionary will definitely help.

  3. I want my kids to learn a little bit of our native language too.

  4. I think it would be nice to learn spanish since it's the base of the Filipino language.


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