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Dentist Visits

It's time of the year that I must see my Dentist for General Cleaning again after 8 months since I was there. You are right! We should visit our Dentist every 6 months, but because I have trouble with my insurance, there was a delay to my visit. What’s new to my visit, I’ve heard that I don’t have any cavities except I have to get the lower left side wisdom tooth extracted as it might be a reason of cavities as my Hygienist can’t evidently clean that piece. I did go to see another Dentist for a tooth extraction.  The removal happens recently as the gums are now healed from a swollen and bloody position and I feel better now without that wisdom tooth. 

Anyways, today’s visit was great, the cleaning was even faster than the last time. Good news no cavities but I have to change the way I brush my teeth as I am losing bone. Not really sure what exactly it means nevertheless, if I don’t change the way I brush my teeth which should be in circular motion, I am brushing hard enough to remove that thing that would cover the roots of my teeth in which preventing them from exposure. Therefore, I better keep that reminder in mind whenever I brushed my teeth. 


  1. It's important to make sure you make it to regular check upd

  2. scary thing is i haven't been to the dentist in over 30 years not sure iwould be able to walk through the doors now

  3. We are scheduled in February.

  4. I have always made sure my children keep up to date with their dental care and dental check ups because they are crucial to good health.

  5. My mom is a dentist, I never have a toothache or cavity ever since. I've learned the value of good dental hygiene early on and have passed them to my children.

  6. That reminds me I really need to make an appointment with the dentist! It's great that you had no cavities.


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