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Gift Idea for Holiday: Gift from a Sweet blogger

I was very surprised when I received a big package in the mail. I knew that I was chatting with another good blogger who is from San Diego about Filipino Goodies. I asked for a little bit of favor if it’s okay to get me a HOPIA since I missed so much since I don’t know when the last time I ate it.

The only thing I knew Betchai through the Blogosphere, I love her blogs as she features about natures and her experiences in San Diego, CA and other States they’ve been to explore.

I was overwhelmed to see what’s inside the box; even my 3-years-old is so thrilled when we both opened the package. Moreover, this is what was inside, more than a hopia. Thank you so much sis Betchai for all the Filipino Goodies you gave, I’m glad to gain a new sweet, humble, and kind Blogger. Thank you very much.

Also, this is an idea of what are the things we can give to those people we care.


  1. yummy! I miss hopia too

    1. Same here and nice to know we can get them in the Filipino stores in the city where there is asian or filipino stores.


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