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Gift Ideas: Get them an adjustable table

Did you know you could completely transform your home with a single piece of technology? Thanks to different types of adjustable tables, you can rearrange, refurbish, and re-purpose your living space with nothing more than a few screws and a free weekend.

Don't believe it? Here are just a few ways you can incorporate adjustable tables into your interior design:

Kitchen Island

Make masterpieces in the kitchen when you use an adjustable table as an island. Not only will you be able to move, modify, and fiddle with its surface depending on the meal and its preparation process, but you'll also have room, something that every kitchen sorely lacks. What chef hasn't wished for more area to spread out and cook?

Garage Workbench

The single most important part of the garage, many homeowners are so used to cramped workbenches that they don't realize how cumbersome and inconvenient it really is until they're offered something better. An adjustable table can completely revolutionize the way you work on your vehicles or home improvement projects. Think about it: No more bumping knees and elbows on the corner of a bulky workbench! No more neck strain from projects out of your line of sight!


If you lack the time to exercise, an adjustable table added to your treadmill will allow you to work from home and burn off those lunch calories at the same time. Traditional treadmill desks can cast hundreds of dollars, but with adjustable tables, you can build your own for only a fraction of the cost.


  1. That's a cool table, I just don't have anyone to give it to!

  2. OMGosh... I would got nuts over something like this. I love love love rearranging my house, living room, bedrooms, bathroom, kids rooms, my kids and hubby hate it, but I do it probably every 3-4 months. I like products that are versatile in any way!

  3. what a cool table

  4. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I love the idea of a table for the treadmill. I have tried those stands for tablets and they fall off under your feet. A table would be a lot safer.

  5. I like furnitures that can be adjusted for space purposes. It's nice that there are inventors out there who create products like this.

  6. That is cool. I think it will work best in a dorm room.

  7. I want a treadmill so badly!

  8. I could surely use one as my island in the kitchen because I don't have much of a working space especially when I am baking. I love how easy this is to adjust.

  9. This is a good idea. I never even thought of this until I read this post.


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