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Golf: A Great Game to Play

There are so many sports out there that it can be hard to find one that really speaks to you: one that you can absolutely fall in love with. For a lot of people, this particular sport becomes golf. Golf is a great game to get into for many different reasons. If you wonder if you should try to learn how to golf, here are a few reasons why golf is such a great game to play, including exclusive memberships to places like Pacific Links International.

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Solo Sport
Though you often play golf with multiple people, it is a game that you can play by yourself as well. You don’t have to rely on people to show up in order to have a full team or to have an opponent. You can be content simply playing solo. Because of this, it is a lot easier to find time to get to the course. You can stop by on the way home from work or you can go early Saturday morning, or really any other time that is convenient for you. If friends can come, all the better, but you don’t need to cancel your tee time if they can’t.

Most sports are anything but relaxing. They are fast paced, loud, and aggressive. With golf, you are able to get the best of both worlds. You get the physical exercise and the competition of most sports, but you also get to relax and enjoy yourself. Golf has been known as a calming activity for a lot of people. They can clear their head on the golf course. It can be a sanctuary.

Clubs and Memberships

Another fun part about golf is being able to join a country club or get a membership to a golf course like Pacific Links International. With these types of things, you often get perks, special access, and other benefits. Memberships are sometimes even joined with other courses around the country, making it possible for you to use your membership to golf no matter where you are. You will feel special and privileged to be a part of a club.


  1. I tried golf and even got a personal golf instructor but I was a miserable failure in this sports. I really liked it enough to want to learn but it wasn't for me. Maybe someday. It's never too late.

  2. I didn't tried this one...just some indoor games.

  3. I like to play golf in the future but unfortunately, being exposed to the sun is not advised for me because I have vitiligo. ^_^

  4. I don't think I have the patience for golf or any sport for that matter (LOL), but I know that shouldn't be the case. I hope to work on that one this coming year.

  5. Hubby thinks golf is a stressful game lol.

  6. The problem with this game in localscene is that' it is game for the rich daw'. I can relate kasi napaka-mahal ng mga gamit.

  7. Golf is one sport that I don't understand! For me it's a lucrative game and it's a game for millionaires... you have to buy those expensive equipment and just walk around the golf course hitting a small ball and making sure it gets through a small hole.. lol! I do think Golf is not my game.

  8. I love to play golf. I played it once when I was still 13 or 14 back when we were still living in Cebu. My aunts work in a golf field before! :)

  9. I always have this impression that golfers are the well-to-do ones, If you play the game, it means you can well afford it and that you're well off. Haha! Absurd but it holds true! ;-)

  10. My husband and my son plays golf in our backyard. They are both good in that game. While the girls can't even hit the ball :-( Oh well, nice try we did but no luck :-)


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