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Looked what we bought

It’s been a while since I mention to my partner that we need to save money towards our bills as much as we can. We need to think twice about what would make us do that without hurting the ways to entertain us. One of it was to get rid of Cable, or basic Television. I’m not a television watcher as long as there is an internet access where I can find anything-online FOR FREE. Moreover, since my husband isn’t at home in the morning and plays on his computer when his home, the only thing we use the television is when our 3 years old is watching Nickelodeon. Another thing he isn’t into television too, we can go a day without tuning into the television. Therefore, we finally bought Roku to be able to access those basic shows without getting a satellite. As long as we have internet we are set, so far so good. I didn’t search that many shows but my husband did.

This was taken the night we installed the said device. And the $30 dollars for less our monthly bills towards the cable would be a big savings for us.

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  1. Oh that is nice Novah. We got rid of our cable too. We bought Antenna from the store and we get at least 30 channels for free. No monthly bill. Our tv is hook up to the internet too so we can watch free movies from Amazon or youtube.


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