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Things we can enjoy while at home and watching television

Where is the best place to relax after an exhausting day at work, at home right? I am pretty sure that most of us would like to just go home after work to be relaxed and just want to change those fancy uniforms/work clothes to pajamas and shirts. I know for the fact about this situation as I was working before after I earned my Bachelor Degree. I am always up around 6 o’clock in the morning and stays for at least 8-9 hours in the office, I am very sure that my body is very tired for the whole day work. The only thing I want to do is I need to be at home and just do nothing while I rest for the next day. What is it that we can do at home that we truly wanted to be there? You might ask that, well there are so many things. You can relax together with your precious family or you can be lazier at home, and no need to wear those fancy clothes or simply enjoy the day by watching television.

Television is a great way to save money and at the same time enjoy the comfort of your home while watching new release movies, on-demand movies, your favorite television shows, celebs, or if you want to enjoy the new music release, or wants to see live sports and more. You can all get those if you subscribe to Time Warner Cable, and I know for the fact since we are one of their long time subscribers. I enjoyed their services because they are fast when you need repairs, they are there to help you when you need assistance on your television, also if you have Time Warner Internet they have so far the fastest internet access I’ve tried.
We’d been a subscriber for almost 6 years now and we enjoyed the package we have from them. There are so many different ways you can get on your cable without spending too much. Enjoy the comfort of your home, you won’t be able to miss any movies, or television shows now as they have DVR where you can record the movies and the television shows.

One more thing I enjoyed being at home is I can spend more time with my family without spending money, we can watch on-demand movies and new release movie by the comfort of our home. You should check out by simply visiting their website. 


  1. Kelli Avery11:24 AM

    a nice tip.. Most people don't know, but if you pay a year at a time most companies will give you one of the months free. I always pay my bills in yearly increments. So I don't have to worry about price increases throughout the year, and I get my free month that way. Every year!

  2. Our cable provider has on demand shows and yes I can record my favourite TV shows as well. But when I am at home, I don't get to watch a lot of my shows because my boys "own" the TV. Plus with all the chores waiting to be done, there's not so much time to relax and rest for the next day.

  3. these are some great ideas ithank you

  4. Oh I miss having a television at home since our internet connection sucks! Oh dear! haven't tried time warner before though.

  5. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I used to have Time Warner Cable and miss it. They are not in our area now and the company we have is horrible.

  6. I attempted once to get Time Warner Cable I have to be honest it wasn't a good experience. I won't go into details, but my sister has had it for years. We have Satellite and I like it, but it is much more costly than cable.

  7. Thanks for the tip!

  8. No tv here :D Looks like a nice cable to subscribe.

  9. I like their package prices.

  10. We have reliable internet services. I haven't heard that company yet, wonder if they have it here in Southern CA.


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