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Why parent's advice is powerful...

I remember when I was young, my mother used to tell me that I have to eat more so I don’t need to starve. When I reach my adolescent stage, eating was no longer my friend, if I could starve myself because I am very conscious with my body I would do it. One thing that my mother told me is not a good idea, since I’ll be able to be sick easily aside from that, it will surely give me permanent illness.

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As I am very scared, I started to learn about eating the right way, nevertheless I still don’t see as much as I should have, which helped me reach the weight goal I have been aiming for a very long time.

Things change when I get married and got pregnant. I have to change my diet, eat healthier foods not for me but for the growing human inside me. I gained a lot of weight and that weight sticks for at least 2 years now.

Glad to say that I manage to control my eating habits now, I’m quite back to the diet I have before I get pregnant. Moreover, today, I just ate a plate full of rice and ramen with eggs and Napa cabbage.

So basically, our parent’s advices to us when we still young apply to our daily life. That eating more when you’re hungry and do not overeat. I’m pleased not to forget everything. 


  1. Our parents know us best and their advices is applicable for all ages.

  2. Our parents taught us that staying active is what makes us stay fit.

  3. You made me remember my childhood. I was a picky eater and was very skinny. I got scolded for not eating breakfast before going to school and one time my big brother had to asked my younger sis to watch me and make sure I was eating,, arrrgghh. You know how that feel being forced to eat? Anyway, eating healthy esp breakfast is good.


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