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DIY Home Decorations during Christmas

Another in arrears post to impart, I suppose I was just too busy last Month due to the occasions and more column to contribute first than this. Today, it’s far behind the holiday season nevertheless as most people said, “It’s better late than never”.

Anyways, I presume this time was the day we finished our Holiday Shopping for the family. It was as busy as you think a typical duo does when Christmas time get nearer. My spouse would always love to bestow gifts to his siblings as a great mode of giving them something. According to him, it is the only time he gave bequest to his family that’s why he would love to give everyone at least 2 gifts during this very Special Occasion.

Before we started to get unorganized due to the busy days, at least the gifts for the family are well-coordinated underside the Christmas tree.

What about you, did you ever managed to be still as organized as you want it to be during the Holidays?


  1. Ar least you show to us your Christmas tree with gifts.

  2. I think it's ok to be unorganized because of the clutter of gifts at Christmas.

  3. Your husband is very thoughtful!

  4. I did last minute shopping. I swear to be more organized this year. I will buy presents in July lol


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