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Feels so hard to leave the memories, when you move out

Moving out from the place where I spent time with is the last thing I would like to do. It is not because I am afraid to explore, but I instead I’m way too fragile to leave the memories I have with the place. Moving from the Philippines to the USA is a very hard decision for me, I spent most of my time and cherish the wonderful memories to the house of my parents, where I was born, learn and grow. However, we have to move on and even if we don’t like it, the only thing we can do is to make sure the memories we leave behind that place will always be remembered.

Anyhow, this was taken last year before our trip to the Philippines. We started to haul the few of our furniture to the new place and it’s hard to see that we are actually moving out of this place. The first time it didn’t hit me, hence I was hit when we in reality taking our stuffs out.

It was not that hard for me to leave the place, as we headed to our flight before we really empty out the place.
the living room looks quite empty because of the chairs were gone

hmmm.. this place has a bench on it...

the pantry were moved too that was used to be in the middle

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