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Getting ready for my son's upcoming birthday

A few weeks from now, I will be busy for the preparation of our son’s upcoming birthday celebration. Family and close friends will draw together once more in our humble home. I started to come off with preparing my own DIY party décor as I could save more of it rather than just buying all the handy materials. I am glad though, online researching I’ve found the schemes that would improve me with the crafts.
After the embellishments, I will be dealing with the foods I am going to plan for our guests. I have few Filipino Delicacies to present, something new that I haven’t cooked before. I have few American dishes as well, so to those who doesn’t like, or afraid to eat foreign foods they can still have fun and won’t starve at the party. I still have to think something that I can handle, as I will be the only one to organize all the foods. I can’t wait to come up with the whole food preparation so I don’t need to browse into different dishes anymore.

The last thing, I fuss before the party is to clean up the house. My place needs to look clean and decent before that day comes. This is why, a help from someone is just what I need I am reading carpet cleaning reviews in order to help me decipher where to hire a name that is reliable. This is one way to find the service that would give me satisfaction and peace of mind. Reading reviews online from people who have experience with individual companies would give me more options on where to look. 

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  1. Oh wow, time flies. Chaos will be a year older.


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