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I always missed my High School days...

Watching photos of my nieces during their High school days reminds me of my times when I also have so much fun together with my fellow classmates. I was attending into a private, exclusive for girls’ catholic schools runs by nun before. I never thought that it would one of the greatest school day memories I have in my life. Being in that Institution, we can definitely do everything without being conscience because everyone is girls except for our faculty members and the elementary kids.
I also joined the Band, which is one of my accomplishments, we compete, and we play if there are occasions that we need to represent our school. I am one of the drummer so I have a nice Ludwig with me all the time. Moreover, since, I don’t have my own high school photos with me; I stole a photo of one of my niece on her Facebook page. 

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  1. Highschool days.! tweetums and crushes and sometimes slumbooks .If I could turn back the clock, I'll go back there and have more fun.


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