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Learn more through DIY

Do it yourself is what my husband does whenever he has plans on fixing some parts of the house as well as in our very spacious backyard. I supposed it was the cheapest and handpicked way we can do to redecorate our home without spending a fortune to pay a professional do it and with some knowledge, he have, as well as learning in the information he gets online and researching.

For instance, he did fix our home the one we are living now with the help of an online research. Although he went to a vocational school for a year to learn carpentry, he still needs to learn more about renovating a house. He did it by himself, also with help from one of his sisters. It takes months eventually as he didn’t work for it all the time, but in the end he fixed the house, insulated the wall, put more concrete to have an even floor and even puts molding to make the house livable again.

Now, because of the online research we are living in this home. Very nice and everyone is very impressed of the good job he did. They thought it was impossible to spend a little money and do-it-yourself ways on the house, I believe they were wrong. If one desires to work on something and research more about the best quality or ways they can do it would be possible for them to make things done, and you will learn More about it as well.


  1. Very good of your husband to research at the internet to do the carpentry jobs. Great!

  2. When we do project at home, we always watch DIY videos online.

  3. Very productive and resourceful to go DIYs tlga

  4. I love DIYs haha. Especially if you can just google it :)

  5. You do learn a lot by trying to do it on your own.


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