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Never missed the Chocho train outside Decor

I know for sure that this is a late post; however, it’s still better to share it than never. I’ve always checked out this place somewhere in the woods [that’s what I called instead of saying countryside] in the nearby as they have such magnificent Christmas decorations. This train is totally an eye-catching with the passers in that area. I missed it 2 years ago, as I didn’t spend my Holidays in the winter wonderland. This year, I am definitely going to be stuck again in an icy weather until we have enough funds for the next international trip.

The image of the Holiday Train is quite small, as I only snapped it while the car is moving. Because I am afraid that I won’t be able to take a picture, I snapped at least 3 times and finally got a much better resolution from the blurry to a very damage resolution at least there is one better picture.

Anyways, amongst the wonderful Christmas outdoor decorations we’ve passed by this is the only one I am able to keep.

What do you think? Have you seen similar Train outdoor Christmas decoration in your place? 


  1. I love Christmas and all Christmas decor, specially lights! And that choo-choo would be a favorite of my boys!

  2. Kelli Avery1:44 PM

    That is adorable. I would love to have this in my yard.. I may have to look around and see if I can find something like this!

  3. I haven't seen one somewhere here in our area. But there were reindeers and snowmen.

  4. THat's very pretty! My son would love that!

  5. i love trains especially at Christmas reminds me of the story Polar Express


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