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Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers or Stuffing the Christmas Stocking have been my practice since I move and welcomed a new culture. In my native country, some people however practice this kind of tradition in their family during Christmas Time, but not mine. I remember that during Christmas I was the only one who believe that Santa do exists and I guess I was not a good girl because I never get any gift from him. I admit I was a quarrelsome during my childhood days. 

Then it made all sense that Santa do exists if your family practice it. Well, my parents don't although they've talked and tell story about what and who is Santa. 

Anyways, these are for stocking stuffers for the family. Got a great deal from body and bath works I don't have an intention of filling of each stockings or I'll be in debt. 

What about you, what did you put in your stockings?


  1. We celebrated our Christmas...very simple and indeed, a happy one.

  2. I think the stockings is what adds excitement to the holiday season.

  3. I don't normally put stuffing to our stockings here at home. I wrap everything and put it under the tree hehehe.

  4. I put stuff in stockings too!


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