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Why kit out your employees in embroidered polo shirts?

Decking out your staff in custom embroidered polo shirts will set your brand apart while keeping those who work for you looking smart and stylish.

Still not convinced? Here are some compelling reasons to consider printed polo shirts:

• Uniformity: Everyone on your staff team will have a sense of being on the same team and working towards similar goals.

• Branding: Remind your customers of who you are, and attracting the interest of new clients, with polo shirts with sewn on logos. (But, before rushing in, think carefully about what exactly you want to have included in your branding and the way it represents your organization.)

• Identity: With these branded shirts, you can help give your business a very strong sense of identity. These garments, more than anything else, are about uniformity, so they are a straightforward way of encouraging a feeling of identity with your brand. Employees will feel a sense of belonging and a greater sense of being part of a team, and should take more pride in their work as a result.

• Culture: Personalized polo shirts are also an indicator of your organization’s overall culture. That means that it is possible to design your own polo shirt so that it’s aligned with your business’s goals and objectives. You can choose, for example, to have these garments as simple or as intricately creative as you wish.

• Uniqueness: Kit your staff out in personalized polo shirts safe in the knowledge that none of your competitors will be using the same uniform – your brand stands alone, as well as having added professionalism. Your identify remains unique in the minds of both staff and customers.

• Appearance: Not only will your staff look the same, but by using custom printed polo shirts, you can help maintain a certain standard of appearance among your employees so you help to show off your brand and your organization in the most positive light possible.

However, to enjoy all the benefits outlined above, it’s important that you use quality fabric for your staff uniforms, and that you choose the right manufacturer, ideally one that specializes in embroidery or screen-printing. Working with a professional custom embroidery and screen printer means that you guarantee the best standard of product to represent your brand in the way you want it to be showcased.

Embroidery will probably be best for the logo on the front of the polo shirt, but you could use screen-printing for the design on the back.

Be creative, and don’t forget to discuss staff uniforms with the employees who will be wearing them, since they need to be happy with them – and they may have some great ideas.

Color and type of material are important – and don’t forget to get your order right in terms of numbers required. Ordering more than you think you’ll need is cost-effective, and always include a good range of sizes in your order.

Brand wear is one quality manufacturer, with free shipping on orders over £150, and custom embroidery; choose from designs including classic, premium, Jerseys Pique and Cayenne.

About the author: 

George Christo has a passion for Customized t-shirts, work wear embroidery and team wear – this is his job and his world. You can connect with him on Google+

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