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Common Causes Of Plumber Injuries

Most people do not think about plumbers getting injured on the job. After all, plumbers usually thought of as the people who fix clogged pipes. In reality, plumbers deal with dangerous situations and heavy machinery, and in general it is a highly physical job. Plumbers can easily be injured in the course of their duties, with injuries ranging from those caused by repetitive motions to those caused by industrial accidents and even dangerous working conditions. For many plumbers, it is not a matter of if an injury will occur - it is simply a matter of when it will happen. As such, it is important to know the common causes of a plumber's injuries.

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The best place to start with plumbing injuries is with the most common source - basic repetitive strain. When a plumber is young, he or she can move up and down all day. In time, though, joints become a bit creakier and muscles begin to ache a bit more. The repetitive actions of the job, especially those that involve bending over and moving up and down, can cause major damage to the body in time. Those plumbers who do not follow proper safety protocol can quickly cause injuries to themselves, and even those who are careful can find themselves in a great deal of pain as their careers draw to a close.

A plumber can also be injured if he or she is involved in an accident. In most cases, plumbers only called in on a job if something is going wrong. If a pipe bursts in the face of a plumber or a heating unit explodes, the plumber is usually in the position that takes the most damage. Unfortunately, the injuries caused by such an accident can often end a career, forcing disabled plumbers to rely on Social Security Disability Insurance and other forms of insurance. Such accidents are thankfully rare, but do happen.

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Finally, there is the much less common (but still possible) chance that a plumber can be injured due to the environment in which he or she works. While plumbers often called to a building or home because of a plumbing problem, this does not mean that the only problems with the space have to do with plumbing. A plumber is just as likely to be involved with a slip and fall accident or to have issues involved with breathing in toxic mold as anyone else who goes into the building. The issues caused by these problems are just as likely to lead to the end of a plumber's career as anything else.

Any job that involves working with your hands is inherently dangerous, even if there are things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of injury. If you are a plumber and are hurt on the job, you should remember that you are eligible apply for Social Security disability benefits if you are no longer able to work. While you might find your career ended by injury, such benefits will help you to take care of your finances.


  1. Oh wow. You just don't know the risks people face at their different jobs. You are right. Safety first!

  2. Plumbing is a dangerous job. You wouldn't think so but yes it really can be. Great tips!

  3. These post has good information. It is good to know this so we can treat plumbers better when they come to our homes.

  4. It's so nice that there is disability benefits they can apply when they get injured. Their job is risky and something that required a lot of physical strength that can injure their muscles.

  5. I do agree. This post does have a good information about Plumbers and the danger or injuries they can face when on the job.


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