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How to Tell If Someone Is Addicted to Cocaine

Cocaine addiction is extremely serious. It’s something that is plaguing many more people than the average person would like to think. In fact, it is growing as an increasingly large problem amongst housewives in general. If you are suspicious that a friend, family member, or co-worker is dealing with cocaine addiction, it’s important to know the signs. Look at helpful websites such as and read below to learn how to tell if someone has a cocaine addiction.
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Social Signs

There are plenty of signs that are typical for a cocaine addict. First of all, they will likely show some strange social behavior. You will find that they will have frequent mood swings. They may end up with job-loss or work-related problems as a direct result of their addiction. They will also end up withdrawing emotionally from those close around them. In general, you will notice your friend or family member simply turning into a different person from whom you’ve known. They can’t hide it for long, and you will be able to sense when they have turned a corner into full addiction.

Physical Signs

Some physical signs to be aware of would include issues with sleeping such as inconsistent patterns of sleep or even chronic insomnia. Frequent nosebleeds are also commonly associated with those addicted to cocaine as well as heart irregularities. Their speech will also be affected, whether it’s slurred or accelerated. Weight loss is another common side effect of the condition, too. Indeed, physically they will make a rapid change in a short period of time and it will not be hard to guess as to why.

What to Do

If you are noticing a variety of both the social and physical signs outlined above, then you will want to act on it as fast as possible. Cocaine kills. There is no reason to wait around if you know something is wrong. You could form an intervention or you could peruse sites such as for information and resources. The number one thing to remember is that you are not alone. Many people suffer with family members that have addictions. Many come out of it all right if given the proper help. Don’t lose hope, and do what you can while you still have the chance. 


  1. Thank you for this informative article. I did not know some of this and it is a really good idea to beware of these things especially with a teenager in the house who exposed to outside influences at school and such.

  2. I was just watching a documentary last night about cocaine addicts. The damage it can do to users and their families are really scary. Being aware of it is truly the first step to help the user.

  3. Some of these signs can also possible because of an illness. What is most noticeable with substance addicts are out of focus, cannot comprehend, abrupt anger, and eyes look blank...

  4. Thanks for these tips and I pray that none of my kids will try any drugs. Drugs truly can kill and there is nothing good about it.

  5. Oh dear! I still can't believe why people would destroy themselves like this. I saw an article online show photos of people on drugs and the drastic physical change. It is scary and sad at the same time.

  6. This is a good post. It is one of those things that we hope we never need, but if we do, we are glad we learned the information.

  7. Thanks for these useful and helpful information. Let's hope and pray that our children never go through with his horrible stuff.

  8. Unfortunately in my lifetime I have seen some crazy people hooked on some crazy drugs. So glad there are treatment centers for those with addiction disease.


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