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Protecting the Your Loved One's Right to Spend Final Days at Home

It's never easy to hear the doctor tell you that your loved one only has a few weeks left and that you should start saying your goodbyes. In some instances, your loved one is in a hospital or nursing home when you get the news. Although medical care may be required up until the end, your loved one has every right to spend his or her final days at home surrounded by friends and family. In fact, it is often a wish of many people to pass away at home and not in a hospital or nursing home. You can help your loved one by hiring senior care services to take care of the medical needs that arise towards the end.

Arranging Medical Care with Your Doctor

The days of in-home doctor care are long gone, but your doctor will help you to arrange the services you need to insure that your loved one receives the proper care later in life. If the hospital tells you that there's nothing more they can do, a social worker that's in charge of discharge will often work with you to arrange proper care before you leave the hospital. However, you have the right to choose any senior care services that you prefer, so don't feel pressured to use the recommendations of the hospital.
Before you can leave a hospital or nursing home, you will need to create a care plan with your doctor. When you hire senior care services for end of life care, you can request that the nursing staff work with your doctor to create the best care plan. Once the care plan is in place, and financial arrangements have been made to pay for the care, you can take your loved one home and help him or her get comfortable.

Psychological Benefits of Being at Home

The acceptance that someone is dying is hard for everyone close to that person. When a person spends his or her final days in a nursing home or hospital, it can cause feelings of remorse or regret when surviving family members feel that they didn't get to spend enough time with the person. By bringing a person home, both you and your loved one are better able to cope with and accept the dying process. It also allows people to visit in private and say what they need to say before the person passes. For people who still have a few weeks, being at home provides a sense of comfort and control that is taken away when in a hospital or nursing facility. Senior care services work to keep your loved one comfortable and maintain as much independence as possible.

Better Pain Management

The stresses of being in a hospital can cause anxiety to levels to rise, which can increase the perception of pain. Some families find that once they bring a loved one home, the complaints of severe pain decrease in frequency. This can be a result of feeling more comfortable and secure at home, which causes anxiety levels to lessen. The nurses working with you will be able to expertly manage your loved one's pain and administer the correct pain medication when needed. Although this is a difficult time for everyone involved, hiring senior care services can help your loved one pass away peacefully at home surrounded by love.

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  1. Being in a hospital can be stressful for some people. At least when they're at home, they can be more relaxed. That's the very least people can do for a sick loved one.

  2. that's true, hospital can be more stressful for a sick patient, and home in their last days would be happier environment for them.

  3. I love that photo of you and your son. My FIL doesn't like hospital at all.

  4. my FIL doesn't like nursing home as well though we don't really suggest it as I myself dont wanna end up there. Someone is looking after him back in the farm in AUS

  5. My first ever job during my first seven months stay here in American is a Unit Aide in a nursing home. It makes you closer to the older people. I was pregnant and do not mind working in the nursing. I feel bad that sometimes relatives or family do not visit their elders :-( I have to make sure that I check on them and talk to them too :-) My in-laws been to a nursing home for recovery :-) These are very helpful tips for our elders. I do not mind doing it. I let the professional do their work than me doing it alone :-)

  6. most patients I attend to would request to be sent home and be with their loved ones when the time is near...we do not deprive them that is always best to grant their request especially when being in the hospital no longer helps...sigh...

  7. I would feel more comfortable at home and maybe spend my final days in my room where I would just rest peacefully. :)


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