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The Vampire Diaries

Normally, I don’t often hook with the television series until recently. I have to admit this winter weather stuck us up inside the house for many months and we come to the point that we get tired of our routinely activities. I’ve been chatting with my forever friend online while she’s at work to sometimes keep me company as long as she’s not highly busy. I would not say I blame her for my addiction as I’ve also shared her compulsion in other things. Anyways, she introduces me to this television series, as for me; why not give it a shot! I’ve seen that the series started for a while now, I do hope that this series would catch me up until spring. They are now in Season 4, and I’ve never started to watch one yet.
cast of the Vampire Diaries...PHOTO NOT MINE

I was totally off beam; couples episodes make me want to give up. By no means, like the characters as this is a story of vampires, witches and other supernaturals. In addition, the cast were all cute and hot and they played their part pretty well.

Never had I thought, I was hooked to the series I could not stop from watching and makes me sleep very late every night. Time flies, as I never imagine I can catch up to the recent season and episode. And just last night, was the last episode of the series.

Just to share with you, if you haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries, you should, may be not be suitable for younger children as there were more vampire killings, too much body affection and more. 

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