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What keeps me company during winter season...

Aside from my wonderful son, my sister, and husband, what keeps me company during winter season, which by the way the time of depression, is a television series. Aforesaid in my previous blog about one of the series I am hooking up. Although, I’ve watched most of the current episodes I’m still searching for nice series that can consume my time whenever I get bored. You might ask? Why not playing with my son, well we did and we just can’t play all the time right? Sometimes Mommies need something to divert their boredom and I choose to divert it by watching different TV series. Thanks to the internet, I can watch the series without spending more time with commercials, I have a direct website that provides me the whole season and as many TV series as they can possibly have. I could enjoy each drama without commercial interruption too.

My Lists are the following:
  • ·        Once Upon A Time
  • ·        The Walking Dead
  • ·        The Vampire Diaries
  • ·        The Following
  • ·        The Originals
  • ·        LOST
  • ·        Raising Hope
  • ·        New Girl
  • ·        Bones
  • ·        True Blood
  • ·        Got to Believe
  • ·        Charmed – even if I’ve watched the whole series already; they are my original favorite supernatural TV series which inspired others to create their own.

Do you have anything in mind that you want to share with me? Be glad to see them myself and enjoy the series just like you. 


  1. That a lot of tv watching lol

  2. If only I have the time for watching TV, I can't even keep up with blogging wahhh.

  3. With that list, I don't see any room for being gloomy. :)

  4. All five of those mommy are the shows I watched too. And yes, eventhough I have see Charmed for like a million times, I still love watching it. :)


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