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A Simple Guide to Preparing for Your Trip to LA

When you’ve got a trip planned to LA, there are lots of things to think about. The city has a range of seasonal climates, and things like attractions, transportation, and accommodation should all be considered too. There’s something for people of all ages in LA, so you’re sure to enjoy your trip regardless of what you plan to do. However, to help you prepare we’ve put together this simple guide to get you started:
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Do Your Research
LA has many areas worth visiting, so you’ll want to do your research on these and decide whether you’d like to visit them. There’s Disneyland located in Anaheim, as well as the Hollywood walk of fame and Universal Studios Hollywood. Make sure you research the entire possible place you might like to visit, the hours they’re open, whether they’ll be available to visit on your trip, and the admission details.

Consider the Weather
LA is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, but the weather is very hot as it’s located in the high desert. This can have an effect on people who can’t handle heat so well, so make sure you plan properly and go at a time where you’ll be able to handle the heat. Research the weather online and then decide whether it’s best for you to visit in winter.
Find Out About Special Events, Attractions, Deals, and Special Offers
By checking out any special events, attractions, deals, and special offers, you’ll make your trip to LA much more affordable and enjoyable. You might want to base your trip around a special event or attraction, or book activities and get special offers and deals.

Book Your Accommodation
Once you know when you’ll be travelling, and the things you’d like to see and do, you can book your accommodation. Cheap hotels in Los Angeles is available, or you could stay somewhere more luxurious if you have a big budget. Try to get your accommodation central to the things you’d like to see and do to make your life easier. 

Prepare Yourself for the Unexpected
During the summer season, tourists will be everywhere and you could find it difficult to make your way through the crowds and traffic. Some of the biggest attractions might be a little chaotic, and you could find it hard to find places to eat. If you plan on visiting LA in the summer, prepare yourself for the unexpected and try not to be disheartened.

Think of Your Transportation Options
You have many transportation options, so think about how you’ll make your way around LA. Will you get the bus? Hire a car? Take the shuttle? It’s up to you!

·        By purchasing a City Pass, you can enjoy entry to attractions and locations at one great price.
·        LA can be pretty bad for traffic, so taking the shuttle or metro might be your best option.
·        Review rental rates and taxi service rates so you’re prepared once you arrive.

Planning your trip to LA doesn’t have to be a chore, just use our simple guide and have fun!


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I've never been to LA so this will come handy when I decide to visit my friends and godmother. For cheap accommodations, I heard that airbnb is a great option plus you get to get ideas from the locals. Thanks!

  2. I haven't been to LA yet but when I do, I'll keep these tips in mind.

  3. Good tips here. I usually expect the unexpected every time we travel.

  4. You experience this I think, and for me, just dreaming LA. This article will guide readers when they're planning to visit LA.

  5. These are very helpful tips Mommy Nova :-) I only been to San Francisco inside the airport but i would love to explore the city and their amusement park :)

  6. it depends on which side of LA you are on, something people always generalize. LA can be cool even in the summer, actually, cooler than most parts in US if it is by the ocean side. But the east side of LA or inland side that sits closer to the desert is hot. California has micro-climate weather that temperature difference between the coast and inland means several degrees in temperature. I have lived in North East Coast, and I believe the summers there are hotter than LA.

  7. Great LA travel tips you have here.

    My last trip to LA was in 2006. Staying at the Four Season's in Beverly Hills gave us the chance to do 'celebrity watch'. They are permanent fixtures in this hotel. We had fun :-)

  8. Thanks for these tips. Knowing these helps us prevent adventure mishaps. I wish to go to LA someday to meet some of my friends and relatives.

  9. I think the LA weather will suit me when the winter arrives. It's not that cold and warm. But of course, expect the unexpected and I would love to meet the citizens in there.. :)

  10. preparing oneself for the unexpected is indeed very crucial as well as checking the weather...I wish I could one day explore LA too! :) the photo in this post is making me dreamy to be there soon :)

  11. I hope I could use these tips when I go to LA someday. *wishful thinking** :)


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