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Awful Winter indeed

In my 5 years in this country, this is by far the worst winter I’ve ever encountered. We all know about the deep freeze or known as the Polar Vortex winter this year. It happened last January and February where mostly the coldest month of the year. Imagine it freezes the famous Niagara Falls two times this year and the last time it froze was last 1933 if I’m not mistaken. The sudden drop in the temperature is something we never expected, it was awful indeed, however the worst part is now over. The only thing we can think about it is the pictures we capture during that deep freeze weather. Just the one I’ve captured outside our home, it’s too cold just to even take a look of it right?

It is how Mother Nature balances the nature I guess, there is a shifted of temperature from different places/countries. Like snows in states/areas where there shouldn’t be and a sudden drop in the temperature to tropical places. Whatever may be the explanations I’m sure our Scientist could give us insight about it. 

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