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Drive-in No More, I Hope NOT...

During the spring season, one of the main things I’m always looking forward aside from a warm weather, blossoming flowers, growing back of the trees is the opening of the Park60 Drive-In Theater nearby. Since I’ve moved in this area I’ve noticed watching in Drive-In is very fun and comfortable. Not familiar with this before and I’ve only seen this kind of theater in old movies. I never thought that Drive-In still exists and I’m so happy for it.

I was excited this year until I’ve seen the news on their website. #SAVETHEDRIVEIN, will it be closed permanently? I am clueless and I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will be dismayed about the information. According to the local report, they will be permanently close, because they need to upgrade their machinery. They need to upgrade their machines in order to get a higher definition/resolution as what mostly movie theater does. Nevertheless, because a small entrepreneur runs this business the machine is way pricey that they can’t afford for the upgrade

We do hope that someone is going to do something about this and reopen it for those drive-in lovers who wish to enjoy the movies, snacks and comfortably in their own cars while enjoying the movie.  Let us #SAVETHEDRIVEIN, this way we still have this kind of theater in a long time. 


  1. As in you mean when you watch the movie your still in your car? Cool! Yeah, its sad to know that they will close. Lets pray that someone will be interested to partner with them para hnd na tuluyang mag close.

  2. I get to see drive-in theaters in movies :) It's a classic way of watching movies. I hope that they could find a way to salvage this type of entertainment.

  3. Wow, so these drive-ins still exists? I thought they were relics from the 80's! I want to try watching a movie in a drive in theater. But then again, I don't have a car!

  4. That would work here in the Philippines during the summer months. Saves electricity. The windy nights would suffice.

  5. I only watched Drive-in once since I came here in America Mommy N and fell asleep too :-) I cannot wait for the family to watch the drive-in this summer :-)

  6. I've seen some movie scenes shot while in the drive-in theater. Parang romantic ang dating. Wish, ma-experience ko rin.

  7. I have never been to one and but hubby said it's not really enjoyable when you have kids so we never went there.


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