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Inherited Some Money? These are The Best Ways to Spend it on Your Home

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If you have come into some cold hard cash from the passing of a relative that you never even knew, congratulations and condolences. However, the sad fact is that, in these tough times, money is always welcome.

Spending money on your home is usually a good investment as long as the work carried out is of a high quality. If you have a beautiful Georgian home, for instance, and replace the sash windows with a uPVC set designed for 1970’s housing estates, well, you only have yourself to blame. All upgrades or renovations should work in sympathy with the style of the property.

The scale of the projects you take on will be dictated mainly by the amount of money you inherited. Let’s hope it was a huge amount. Here are my suggestions on how you should invest that money in your home. Some of the projects are guaranteed to add value while others are for fun. Read on and form your own decisions.

Underground Room

Create a room below your garden. This will involve a lot of earth moving and building work. After a few weeks your garden could be looking fresh and new and no-one would even guess there is a vast cavern hidden below. If any of you reading this are preppers then you will understand the value of such a room. A cool, dry place to store food and water, complete with bunks, cooking facilities, toilet, and shower may be all you need to protect you when the age of civil unrest begins. Did you know there is only enough food in the shops to last three days? By the sixth day, people will be taking what they want, or need from each other. Don’t underestimate the threat of a Zombie apocalypse either. You never know.

Modern Bathroom
Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury in the form of a new, modern bathroom. This is one of the projects that will increase the value of the property. Browse online at or one of the other suppliers, to see the massive range of suites and accessories on offer. This will give you a good idea of what you want before you approach any contractors.

Tree House
This idea is not as wacky as it may first sound. If you have a large garden, some of the structures that can be created will take your breath away. They are not simple wooden boxes resting in a tree. In fact, the tree can be taken out of the equation completely if you don’t have one. Imagine your own elevated, habitable building complete with kitchen, bathroom, and television, all at the bottom of your garden where it catches the sun all day. The kids will love you for carrying out this project.

Loft Conversion
If you are looking for an extra bedroom, a games room, or even a place to observe the stars, a loft conversion could be your solution. Often far cheaper than a full extension to your home, a loft conversion will take less time to complete, as well. An important consideration for a loft conversion is to have good access so a small staircase will need to be installed somewhere.

There you have a few things that I would spend money on if I were lucky enough to inherit a windfall. I hope there would be enough for me to move to the country and then take on all of these projects. It’s not uncaring to think this way, after all, when I’m gone someone else will reap the rewards from me too. It’s just life.


  1. I'd go for modern bathroom and kitchen. I always admire those ultra techy gadgets/furnitures

  2. that's absolutely the best way to splurge and invest, and pay debts too!

  3. I would surely be surprised if out of the blue, I would be inheriting from someone I didn't even know... I would probably invest those inheritance in my home, just like you... and buy some farm lots too

  4. i'd spend some on the home too, as I love house decorating, not really to increase the value of our house, but more so to enjoy the upgrades from our own designs.

  5. Ah yes, every time I get my hands on some extra money, I always think of home maintenance and improvement.

  6. I'll travel the world if I inherited a lot of money.


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