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March 15, 2013 - Never say Goodbye

It was the date when we departed the land of the Philippines heading back to my new home. It was very hard once again for me to see my sibling and my niece [they were the one who send us to the airport] leaving in that crowded airport entrance.

The same feeling I felt the last time I departed the country to follow my heart and be with the love of my life. Totally difficult decision to make, but I want to be happy so therefore I need to choose. I don’t say I never choose my family for no matter what I will always choose my family over anything. Sometimes, we need to go out in order to fulfill the dreams we want for us. Besides, our family will always supports our decision in life as long as it is for good.
these was my departure in Gensan, Philippines
Whenever I think about the leaving, I’ve always have a heavy heart. I never like leaving at all, but I have to go back. Today of last year is another day to remember, departing might not sound good for me however, and it’s time to face the reality.

Yes, it's been 1 year now and seems just like yesterday happen that my fun visit in the Philippines had passed by. 


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Separation anxiety. As long as your happy with the choices you made, then i think that is more important and another is that as long as you never forget where you came from, that, once in a while or if you have the chance you go back!. yes, time flies really fast! Yesterday could mean the other year. and Life is moving forward. Stay Happy sis!

  2. It's been years since we last visit Pinas and it's been tough.

  3. glad you followed your heart Novs, yes, I agree with you, it does not mean that when we follow our heart, we forget the ones we left behind, they'll always be part of our journey though we may be far.

  4. I hate good byes :-( it is hurt breaking :-( I did not say good bye to my Mom on our flight back to Manila, which is a good thing :-)

  5. It's heartbreaking to leave loved ones behind. Just like you I hate goodbyes too.

  6. If ever I'll leave my city, I would feel the same way as you did: Heavy heart, I would even cry a little because I've loved my city and to leave my homeland is like leaving a piece of heart and face the new land. :(

  7. Leaving your loved ones behind is always emotionally difficult. I feel the same way whenever I visit home. :(


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