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What will be your occasion plans?

My friends and I are fond of discussing ideas about occasions such as birthdays, debuts, and weddings. We get excited whenever we throw on the table many interesting ideas on decorations, lights, and giveaways. In addition, this came true when my college friend asked for my help for his wedding so I immediately gathered my friends and all agreed to help the couple. It is not an easy task, definitely.
photo is not mine
 There are many things to consider in coming up with a theme for the event, but those three mentioned above are the main concerns. We also want to leave an impression that we can organize the event well. We love to make every occasion a good and memorable one.

The couple should decide the theme. It can be a garden theme, fantasy, travel, and many more themes to choose. Through the final theme, decorations and lights are the next things to be considered. We want to make sure that the decorations would awe the guests and the couple too.  The perfect thing for the d├ęcor and lights would be a DIY type. This could save up the expenses and the desired designs will be attainable also.

We really put emphasis on the lights, especially if the event is scheduled on a nighttime. A DIY (Do It Yourself) light will be perfect to showcase our talents for the celebration. For the DIY lights (for the table), we gathered empty tin cans then we cleaned it. Next step is to fill the cans with water and freeze them. When the freezing is done, patterns can be created with nail holes. Put the tea light candle or the bigger ones that will fit inside the tin lanterns and light them up. There you go! A tin can lantern for your guests to gaze at the table. Just like those bright lights that I have seen at that makes me want to stare at it all night. The lights are a perfect sight at a garden celebration during the night. Surely, the guests will love that they attended your event!


  1. I am not a good event planner and certainly don't have a special touch on decorating lol.

  2. Creative lighting certainly adds beauty to any event most especially of course for night time activities.

  3. I am like Rose too, am not good in event planning and party decorating, I probably would ask Jo-Anne :)

  4. This looks like a setting for an engagement.

  5. mas not very good in event planning nor just a guest or a visitor..hehe..

  6. Wow! Those lights looks beautiful and I want to spend romantic and alone time with that pool :-) We do not have that kind of light around our pool :-) just the regular solar lights :-)

  7. oh, I like doing that kind of stuff....even planning and decorating are some of the things I love doing best....:)

  8. DIY lights are really good for parties! We can easily customize it depending on the chosen theme for the occasion :)


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