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What You Shouldn’t Put into Storage

Santa Fe storage units can be used for many different reasons. Maybe you have too much stuff to fit into your home. Maybe you have a collection of things that you want to keep protected and hidden. Maybe you are in between moves and just need a place to stash your stuff while you are waiting. Whatever the reason is, storage units can come in quite handy to fulfill your needs. Before you head down to the nearest storage facility, though, you should be aware of items that should not be placed inside a storage unit. Some of these are quite obvious and others you might not be aware of.

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Don’t ever put anything into your storage unit that is living. This should be obvious to everyone, but people have chosen to put their animals in the storage unit or even live in it themselves. They think that putting their pets into the storage unit instead of taking them to a boarding facility or shelter would be a good idea. It is illegal to do either of these things and could place you or your pet in danger. Refrain from ever thinking that it would be okay.

Don’t ever place anything flammable in your storage unit. The chance of any items catching fire is too great to risk it. The storage unit could catch on fire or worse, the renter. All possessions inside the storage unit could be lost to the fire, as well as other units and the entire facility. Flammable items include paints, batteries, lamp oil, matches, nail polish remover, motor oil, liquid bleach, fireworks, and acid. 

Don’t ever store personal papers and documents in any Santa Fe storage unit or those located elsewhere. Most storage units have high-quality security systems with cameras, but theft is still a possibility and you shouldn’t risk leaving your personal and private documents where someone can get them. Also, in the event that a fire does occur from your storage unit or from another one in the storage facility, all of those important documents could be lost forever. It’s better to just keep important things out of the storage unit.


  1. Sad that so many people lack common sense. Why on Earth would you put your pet in a storage unit?! And I agree, personal documents should be kept somewhere safe....imagine if your unit goes into auction and all your important documents are in there, yikes!

  2. I can only imagine what the pet may have gone through when they are placed in a storage. I would agree on that idea too.

  3. Putting your pet in a storage? That is cruel!


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