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Buying Wigs

Whether your hair loss is due to illness or genetics, you want to make certain that you choose a style that's flattering, even if it's a departure from your usual look. However, buying a wig can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. You should also decide if you want natural hair or synthetic. This is brief guide to help you make a selection that suits your needs and taste.
The choice that can make the biggest difference is whether to buy a wig that's made from natural human hair or a synthetic. Natural hair wigs retain the characteristics of your own hair, including the ability to style, curl, and color it. You can also shampoo and condition them like your own hair. However, the cost can be prohibitive, if budget is a consideration. On the other hand, today's synthetic wigs can cost less than $100, and they retain a more natural look and feel than synthetics of the past. They don't always take to color or curling as readily as natural hair wigs, but they're otherwise easy to maintain. Synthetic hair wigs last for several months, even with daily wear. 

When you're searching for a wig, you should also think about how you normally style your hair and choose a wig with a base that's natural looking, even if your hair is pulled back. Lace caps are comfortable and they provide a natural base that's less visible than other materials. Once you choose a wig, have it trimmed in a professional salon, while you're wearing it. Wigs tend to be full, especially at the temple, and a professional stylist can shape it to flatter your features better. Make sure to let your hairdresser know if your wig is natural or synthetic; synthetic hair requires different scissors to do the job properly and avoid damaging them.

You don't necessarily have to stick with something that's a match of your original hair, unless you want to. This can also be a time to experiment with different styles or try a hair color you've always been curious to attempt. You can even purchase several wigs and vary your look according to your mood.

Buying a wig is a personal decision, whatever the reason. You can buy women’s wigs here, there and everywhere on the Internet. Many websites have a variety of high quality wigs in a range of styles and fits. These websites also usually offer personal advice on wig selection, fit and care.


  1. I hope I never have to buy a wig. I know there are many that look stunning and natural but the thought of my head sweating...

  2. I would like to own one, just for a change sometimes.

  3. I would like to have some wigs just in case I want to look different. Thanks for the info.

  4. I'd like to use a wig for some fun look. Nice to change persona sometimes.

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