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Good Friday..Thy Will Be Done...

Being a Catholic, we do celebrate Lent Season and this time of the year, it was the Good Friday. Meaning, this is the time that Jesus died on the cross to save us in our sins. We have different ways of celebrating Good Friday; in the Philippines were mostly 90% religion is Catholic, all the establishments are closed to pay respect to the said event. This is the only day aside from Christmas and New Year that all establishments are closed. 

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Therefore, to pay my sort of abstinence I will not going to join blog hopping until Easter. It might be too hard, as I have already lost the page rank of this blog that only keeps it from having good income; still I have to sacrifice to fulfill what I want.

To all, may you have a nice Holy Week celebration, let us pause, and repent of the things we did and start to forgive those people who sinned against us. As our Almighty Savior, forgive us on all our sins. 

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