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How To Protect Your Children From Sites They Shouldn't See On The Internet

It can seem daunting when your child first accesses the internet by itself; especially as you do not know what they’re going to find. Although we try our very best to protect our children the internet is a big, open place that contains a lot of material that we wouldn’t want to see ourselves, never mind have our children see. If you’re worried about the safety of your child when they’re using the internet follow these top tips to help keep them protected.
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Limited Searching
Normally, children want to use the internet in order to expand their horizons and their knowledge. Whether this is for homework or just because they have an inquisitive mind, the first thing they’re going to do is type whatever they want into a search engine. The trouble is, the search engine is not necessarily going to bring back safe results 100% of the time. A child searching for the Cal sports team may end up being shown results of 40 cal ammo for sale instead. Although someone in your household may be interested in that result, it’s likely that your child won’t be. Make sure that you have safe searching enabled on all of the most popular search engines, to keep your child as protected as possible.

Child Protection Software
If you want to limit the time that your child spends on the internet, as well as what they can access, then it may be worth looking into protection software and programs. There are plenty of different options on the market that will let you block certain sites, limit time spent online and even further protect your child’s searches. Before you pick the first children protection software that you see, make sure you ask other parents what their opinions are, and search for some reviews. That way you can be sure that your child is getting the very best. It’s recommended that you use child protection software sparingly and try to explain to your little ones why some websites are inaccessible.

Educating Your Children
One of the best ways to protect your children from sites they shouldn’t see, and the dangers of the internet are by educating them. By explaining to your child the potential dangers of using the internet, especially things such as chat rooms and social networking sites, they should begin to learn the importance of internet safety. You may find that your child’s school will also be teaching the kids about internet safety, too. Combine what they are learning at school with your own way of teaching your children right and wrong, for the best results. Only by being open and honest about the situation, will your child really sit up and take notice. If you just block everything and don’t explain why then they’re likely to rebel!

We all want to keep our children safe from the potential dangers of the internet, and this is possible. However, it is important to remember that our children will grow up eventually, and curiosity will get the better of them. By using a combination of these three methods, you should be able to limit any rebelliousness in the future! 


  1. I keep close supervision when my kids are using the computer.

  2. it's really good to be talk often to our kids, because in that way they learn more about how to handle things when situation calls for.

  3. I do not have small kids anymore and they are responsible enough to avoid "porn sites." My only worry is for them to be downloading stuff from unreliable, virus-laden websites for their game patches. I have to do a lecture on "DO NOT TURN OFF THE ANTI-VIRUS" Haha.

  4. jo-anne9:01 PM

    This is what every parents should be thinking. Internet can be both helpful and harmful

  5. these are just some good tips! My daughter does not know how to browse the web yet...which is good!

  6. I think I prefer the third one which is to educate the children.

    Many children are so smart these days that they find ways to tweak and deactivate whatever software programs you install to protect them from unwanted sites.

  7. my husband did something to my daughters computer and ipad so it is safe for watching and surfing. nice tips to read here

  8. This is really important for everyone, especially for the parents.. Mom and dad should be responsible by setting up lock codes :)

  9. I always tell my children not to chat with anybody because there are many psycho online ;-) My Kuya K is more vigilant but the little K wants to have her own Facebook :-(

  10. Glad I never had to deal with this. But all of the above tips are indispensable.

  11. This post will come in very handy for my daughter. I'll share this to her.

  12. Nice to have these tools, thanks for the tips!


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