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It is Mango indeed

It is time for planting season again; we all know that we are all excited for spring to be around this year. However, we still have some cold and freezing nights and days we were still optimistic that sooner warmer days will be coming.
take a closer look
I’m happy that finally we can clean the yard and continue to achieve the plans we have for this year. We might not have newer plans, hence finishing it up and working on a different project before another winter comes would be a great accomplishment.

As for me, I guess to ensure that my garden this year would finally bring us fruits. I need to ensure the right sunlight as well as to protect them from a predator. I was very surprised last year when I saw this familiar left starting to grow in my garden. As I look where its tiny stems were coming from, it’s one of the mango seeds we compose in the garden. Am I really growing a Mango Tree here? We shall see if this grows back as I don’t see the fruit or the tiny stem where I used to see it.  

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