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Kids Academy Company is where you can find great apps for your kids

We all know those tablets and other gadgets are the new trend nowadays. We can buy applications through our mobiles, or gadgets in just one click of a button. One of the best website to look for is at The Kids Academy Company has plenty of applications that are very good for your kids learning. I didn’t realize that I’ve downloaded few of their software for my kids and up to now, he is enjoying the application. It is also effective as my 4 years old loves and learns simple reading, shapes identifying, counting and more. It’s wonderful to have this application for kids 2-5 years old, knowing that it is approved by trusted Children’s Media experts as well as recommended by parents.

After I downloaded their new application which is the Preschool Kids Games & Kid' Puzzles for curious girls and boys ∙ Learn Interactive ABC Alphabet Phonics tracing with educational app based on Montessori match letter quiz and logical math game for toddler, kindergarten children iPad free by Kids Academy, my son is very thrilled to see about the new app. It shows that one of the activities is to help him draw/trace the letters; the puzzle is also a magnificent idea to help kid’s memories to show how to find the missing parts and what piece has to go to the other in order to complete the whole picture. Additionally, is the voice that gives motivation to kids whenever they did the activity excellently or if they need to improve more, it sounds very encouraging for the kids. I do find it a great idea when kids earn bugs for points, for them to exchange the points/bugs to a certain reward after they earned enough.

Glad that I had the chance to give my son a nice and very interesting apps as well as to help him learn things before he starts to go to school. This will be a fun, exciting, and a simple way to start the basic academics at home. 


  1. My little K loves to play games in her Kindle. I usually know what games she downloaded because I get confirmation from my email. This Apps are big help for our kids to learn and at the same time having fun :-)

    1. That's what I've been always wanting for my kid too Mommy, as don't mind buying them as long as it's a big help for their academics... Dodong usually loves to download things good thing it needs to put password in iPad2 before they accept the purchase...because if it wasn't like that...i'm broke with the downloaded apps he probably have.

  2. So many apps that gets the kids entertain. My daughter is always glued in her iPod these days.

  3. Isn't it wonderful that technology can now provide kids brain games and learning activities? It helps the younger ones prepare for the "more serious" stuff in grade school. Thanks for sharing. I'll let my cousin know about this. She has a 3 year old little girl.


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