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Cassava Root with coconut milk

When we visited the Philippines two years ago, I ensure to eat those delicacies that I've only once eaten in the new country that I'm living in. So from the moment I landed my homeland, I never hesitated to ask my mother or my aunt to cook me some good Pinoy delicacy. I enjoyed it while I was there, been eating the same thing most of the time and I never regret it.

I found out that one of the local stores nearby carries cassava root, you can find the fresh one as well as the frozen one. I didn't get the frozen one, instead I choose to pick the fresh root. 
Asked my sister, whom I always ask for help when it comes to cooking and more. Showed me how to cook the simplest way of cassava root with coconut milk, which is what I really want and after an hour here it is. I finally cook, one of the delicacy that I enjoy to eat. 

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