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Lift of hinges and our playhouse

It's been a year now since my loving husband has been building our son's playhouse. Now that he is home more often from work, he has a lot more time to work on it. The most difficult part of the project is behind him, so he can now build the walls, attach the equipment, and put the roof on the playhouse.

As I mentioned above, the playhouse is still far from being finished, however it is pretty much usable. The slide and the stairs were already attached, the two swings are working and the "port" has been started. Our son loves the slide and the unfinished port, I told my husband to put a door in case they would like to have a sleepover in the playhouse for the night. It will be safe to have a door to close in so that intruders can be kept out. Since the kids will constantly be around this playhouse, having a sturdy door and a lift off hinges to hold it would be the best way to invest money. This will keep them safe from a falling door.
This playhouse will be one of the greatest achievements of my husband if gets to finish it this year. It will also be a great place for our son and his friends to hang out while at home and will help our family save money for the future. Having a playhouse for our kids is something we always wanted for them to enjoy while they are still young.  

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