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Money husband won during the bowling season 2013

Where all these monies come from? Well, these are the money that was collected from the STRIKE BALL that hasn't been won by anyone until this day. Yes!!! It is one of the lucky night for my other half, when his ticket number was pulled out to do the strike ball in their bowling league. It was the last night of bowling so the money has to go to whoever gets the strike in bowling. It is a very easy concept, while playing the pulled out number has only 1 chance to do his or her best to knock down all the pins in order to get the pull prize.

As mentioned, it was again my husband's lucky night. Everyone didn't expect it at all, they think that he'll get only a few bucks and the draw will continue, nevertheless they were wrong. 

Before I came here my husband also won the highest Strike Ball prize worth $600 and that was December. Another lucky night for him, huh!!! As for today, he won the unexpected prize of $400 again. So overall, he received $1000 worth of strike ball for the past years.

Now, I don't have my share instead we used the money towards our son's playhouse that my husband is building. Save us $400 worth of the materials indeed. 

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