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The Office Trend No One Saw Coming: Yoga Pants in the Office

Yes, you read the title correctly—yoga pants are quickly becoming all the rage in the office. With that said, it’s not the vibrant, ultra “flowy” micro modal yoga pants we all associate with downward dog and the scorpion pose. That said, a new kind of yoga pants made to look like any other pair of business slacks is taking over the wardrobes of women in the workforce all over the country. We’ve seen the rise of the funky sock, the business casual flannel, and now it is time for the yoga pant to be adopted into the mainstream.
While it may come as a shocking surprise to the old boy’s network, with women now representing more than half of all employees, bosses, and executives across many industries, the idea of being comfortable at work is not only enticing, it’s often a necessity. To begin, more women than ever are having C-sections, and regardless of what peoples’ opinions are on emergency C-sections versus pre-planned C-sections, the truth is, many women are now the primary breadwinners in their families, which means they need to be able to get back to work faster than ever. So-called yoga pants offer the comfort women need after the six-week recovery from this common yet seriously invasive surgery. Given that many pants—especially ultra common low rise pants—fall right on the surgical incision, there’s absolutely nothing sweeter than the idea of sitting all day without a waistband digging into your midsection.

But it isn’t just C-section mommies who are seeking comfort in the office. Yoga has been steadily and seriously on the rise for the past decade, and a huge number of women are regularly attending yoga as their go-to method for both exercise and relaxation. Getting that much needed time away from the office and family for just one short hour helps women stay fit, reduce stress, and stay healthier. So it comes as no surprise that the attire associated with such a strong new trend is following the ladies into the cubicle, the coffee shop, the big corner office, and even fast food industry.

Apparel designers are now catering to women’s desire to stay cozy while also looking professional, and women are lining up around the block to take advantage of this new trend in comfy pants. The best part, however, is that while they may feel like a great pair of pajamas, these pants masquerade very well as your everyday work pants—available in the colors needed to disguise themselves as slacks, like black, brown, navy, khaki, and more.

Clothing companies are listening to their demographics, and for a select few, this means using social media and other online outlets and email blast surveys to understand what their female consumers are looking for. With an overwhelming response to the professional-looking yoga pant, women aren't the only ones winning—the companies manufacturing and selling these awesome alternatives to polyester, denim, and tight cotton work slacks are crushing the competition. While there's no real way to tell how long this trend will last, it certainly seems like it will have a good deal of longevity as more and more women become power players in most industries, in government, and more. So stretch out ladies, and no matter how long your workday is, know that you have an alternative that looks professional while also being the most comfortable option you’ve ever had while multitasking and managing your professional life and the family—but don’t use these disguised yoga pants as an excuse to skip going to the yoga studio—you’ll still need your warrior, full lotus, and grasshopper poses to keep life balanced.

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