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#ProductReview: Perfect Party Set/Black Parisian Pop and the Perfect Bottle Thermal only at Thirty-One

Summer is the best season for an outdoor party. Everyone loves to be outdoors and would like to spend more time with their family and friends along with great foods and refreshments on a warm sunny day. Of course, if you have an outdoor party with your family and friends at someone's location bringing your own dish and refreshment to share is somewhat we like to do. What makes a good food is if we serve it warm, right? We need to ensure that they are still warm when we bring them to the party. I would rather keep my food warmer than re-heating it because the texture would truly be different and we would always love to have a good presentation when it comes to serving my own dish.
A nice Perfect Party Set and Perfect bottle Thermal would be a great item for this. It will keep your food warm on your way to the party as well as to keep your bottle cool due to how it is made for. If you love to bring more than one dish a Perfect Party set is what you should get, as I've mentioned this thermal keeps your food warm or cool on your way to the party, with two compartments that would be a perfect size to fit your 9" x 13" pans and the straps are sturdy enough to hold your pans without any possibility of breakage. The size of this product is approximately 6"H x 16.25"W x10.25"D and expanded too, for only $60 this is a great catch for you. I love how you can personalize your thermals up to 12 characters and comes with 3 available prints.
The Perfect bottle Thermal would do the same thing for your champagne, wine or any refreshment you bring along with you. The Black Parisian pop print I acknowledge also comes with 4 more different prints you may want to acquire. Also a popular gift for a party hostess, co-employee, family or friends where you need to keep your delicious beverages cool. This fashionable thermal is of course created to reuse over and over again. The approximate size is 13.75"H x 4"W x 4"D, for only $18.00.

Make your dish and your beverages stay warm or cool before it gets to the party your heading and enjoy the nice and yet affordable thermals to help you make things possible.

You may want to check out the other prints and products they carry online @ Please follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to learn more of their exclusive offers.

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