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$25 eBay GiftCard from Influenster

When it comes to working with a review and guide I am very thorough to do it simple, clean and quick. I remembered during College days that when you're writing make sure it is direct to the point and creating steps in order for the readers to follow the instructions right away. I'm way picky as well when reading guides, I've always wanted to skip the flowery parts and more on to the steps. Although, it's important to give out a brief information about certain things, we don't need to make it as long as a book.

Anyways, I was thankful that #Influenster gave me the chance I've always wanted to have. To create my own guide on the eBay website. We all know about the famous eBay website  where we can find just anything we need in a much cheaper price.

After an hour of writing my own guide/instruction on certain categories and after weeks before they approved my submission. I was very thrilled to get a good newsletter from them, informing I've past and unlock the badge, soon I will be able to received my $25.00 Gift card on eBay.

Proof of the approval is the email they sent me below. If you wish to join #influenster leave your email and name below and I will gladly send you an invite.

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