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Shapewear Can Address a Number of Body Issues

Shapewear is a daily wardrobe accompaniment for many women who want to look their best no matter what. That’s why knowing where to get great pieces at a reasonable price can be extremely beneficial. Fortunately, choosing to shop Classic Shapewear can ensure that each item is perfectly suited to one’s specific needs.

The following information can help women of every size find the appropriate shapewear for their particular body types. Armed with this knowledge, achieving the perfect fit can be far easier than anticipated.

Slimming Undergarments for Every Body Part
Most people have a part of their bodies they’d like to see improved. Fortunately, body shapers are designed exactly with this principle in mind. Many pieces are created to address one’s specific body concerns. These areas can include stomachs, thighs, busts, and waists.

The first step in purchasing suitable shapewear is determining those areas the wearer would like to see improved. This can offer guidance during shopping trips, especially when faced with the numerous varieties of shapers on the market. By having an ultimate goal in mind, finding a suitable item will be a much easier task.

Styles of Shapewear Can Vary
Some slimming garments focus on a single body part, while others provide more comprehensive coverage. The following items are just a few of the many styles available, as well as descriptions of the areas being addressed:

  • ·   Body Suits – For all-over coverage, a body suit may be the way to go. These pieces typically extend from the bust down to the thigh area, while select items may offer ankle-length coverage. Body suits can address a number of issues at once, from lifting the bust area to tightening tummies and thighs. 
  • ·  Bras – Shaping bras are ideal in terms of support. This is especially true for fuller-busted women, who may have difficulty finding bras that offer adequate coverage. Along with this increased support, shaping bras can also afford one’s bust a more pleasing shape. 
  • ·Briefs – For those looking to improve their mid-sections, control briefs can be a great option. These pieces work wonders at keeping stomachs taut, while also reining in hips and thighs. Briefs are a good choice for things like pencil skirts and other slim-fitting attire. 
  • · Tights/Pantyhose – Control top tights and pantyhose are a good way to keep the lower portion of one’s body looking slim in a variety of outfits. While in many cases tights are worn with dresses or skirts, these items also work well with things like jeans and slacks.

Control Levels May Differ As Well

There are also a variety of control levels to choose from when selecting bodyshapers. These can range from pieces that merely smooth the body to those capable of taking inches off one’s frame. When it comes to control level, fit is extremely important. Slimming undergarments that are too restrictive can become highly uncomfortable during extended wear, which can result in adverse effects for the wearer.

Achieve the Perfect Fit

With the right shapewear, all women can rest assured that they will look and feel great in a variety of outfits. This will not only improve one’s appearance, it can also boost self-esteem and confidence as well.


  1. I have been looking for an undergarment like that for awhile. Nice to know they have other products and that they look the right fit!

  2. i haven't tried these things yet but hopefully i can try soon maybe i can look much better on bodycon dresses if I have this

  3. I love the idea of a shapewear to hide the undesirable bulge and flabs hehehe.

  4. I'm not comfortable wearing this, I find it hard to breathe and not to mention, pee. lol.

  5. Whah.. Never in her entire life that my wife wear shapewear stuff. But there is always a first time. Share this one sa kanya.


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