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5 Great Ideas to Makeover your Backyard

Design fashions come and go, but regardless of what style you’re opting for, you need a company with the skills to achieve your visions of a perfect patio. Click here for some suggestions. Whichever company you opt for, however, there are still some great new modern features that you should be aware of when you’re designing your new patio.

1. The Secret Garden
With a clever use of screens, this paved garden area will enchant anyone who discovers it. Hidden away from the regularly used areas of your garden, this is where you’ll slip away to for a few moments of peace and tranquillity. Delicate pots of lavender and rosemary will perfume the air as you sit among the trestles of roses on a gently swinging loveseat. White and soft shades of color are the main themes in this place of dreams and quiet contemplation. Pour yourself a cup of herbal tea and withdraw to a special place. Children are barred. Possibly partners too.

2. The Outdoor Kitchen
You can’t just drag your BBQ over to the patio area and call it an outdoor kitchen. It’ll take a bit of effort, but it’s well worth it to have a sink with running water, an expansive fridge and some gas-fuelled burners. With this fully-equipped kitchen you’ll find yourself outside more and more, and there’s the added bonus of not messing up the kitchen indoors! Bringing the inside to the outside gets everyone excited and willing to help at mealtimes, but be prepared for unexpected guests drop by regularly.

3. The Raised Patio
Rather than keeping yourself at ground level, raise yourself up with an elevated platform. Get a bit of height in your life with a patio that’s lifted up by the construction of a timber platform; even a couple of inches can change your perspective on your garden. By adding some sunken lighting the ambience of your raised deck will be increased multi-fold and you’ll feel positively regal as master (or mistress) of everything you survey.

4. The Sunken Garden
Don’t want the height? Then go the other way and opt for a sunken garden. A spot of digging will be involved, but you can outsource the work to a professional company or hire a bobcat and do it yourself. A word of warning though: don’t go too deep or you’ll need to shore up the walls! Or if you already have a swimming pool, it’s easy to convert it to a design that’s limited only by your imagination. Be sure to incorporate pots of hanging ferns and lichen to get that old world feel.

5. The Fire Pit
Snuggle up with a loved one on a low seated sofa while the beautifully warm fire crackles away. For a truly romantic evening, regardless of the season, break out the toasting forks and marshmallows, and don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Get excited and inspired – leave a comment below to tell us about your dream garden now.

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