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Growing plants of 2014

Another year has come and I was again excited to work on my garden. Who doesn't want to have a fresh organic plant in your backyard? I do appreciate planting our own crop whenever the warm weather permitted me to do so. Unfortunately, we live in a four season country where summer isn't all year long. We only have limited time to plant them and if we aren't successful the only thing we can do is to wait for the next year to try and plant again.

At our previous location, I was quite lucky to have a small garden that grows, produce fruits and let's say grow more than I expected. Nevertheless, when we move into our permanent residence now, it was the opposite way. 

I never gave up as this was the second year that again, I've tried to grow plants in the garden my awesome and hardworking husband made for me. He mentioned that it's where his grandparents used to have their own grown garden too. For some reason, the gravel [soil] might be too hard for the plants to grow faster. They don't die, well, some does when they probably can't stand all those rocks and roots can't survive.

Trial and error I would say, here are few that I planted in a pot. Seems like they are keeping up and I don't see any signs of dying lately. Whenever the weather gets cold in September all I can do is to take them in the house so the growing process will continue. 

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