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Long Road Trip to Scranton, PA

It was Saturday of August, the day he's been waiting after he purchase the Concert ticket online. I was a little bit against of the long road trip due to my situation, however it's his happiness and as a supportive wife, I need to show him enthusiastic about the big event he's been waiting for.

We rented a Hyundai-Elentra for two days as we don't trust the Honda car which is 20 years old right now that also acts weird lately. The safer the better and besides, it's a long road trip, we don't want to take the chance of any incidents along the way.

Picked up his bff nearby who of course, another fan of the concert. Before that, did I mentioned that we have to go see KISS? Which my husband says the "hottest band in the world?" Honestly, I don't remember hearing them before when I was still in the Philippines, so that quote might not be true.. Just kidding.

Anyways, we make sure we have everything with us, the tickets, extra snacks for the long road trip so my husband won't fall asleep after the concert, drinks and of course our little 4-year-old who would be witnessing the concert live for the very first time. He also likes to listen to KISS songs, which his father plays with him during bedtime.

Moreover, the concert will start not until 7pm so we have plenty of time to get there, plus if we do have to stop over for food or pee we don't need to rush things. Left the place by 1pm and goes the long road trip with the buddy and family.

Took few pictures along the way for souvenirs and a few are below:

A quick selfie with my Mahal before we head to a long drive

Who isn't ready for the concert???

Little did we know, when we arrive at the place traffic is totally intense. We were on the line for at least 10 minutes or so, never even tried to track the time as long as we get to the concert before it begin is what we hope for.

We made it...worth of all the traffic and long drive
Def Leppard...they are pretty awesome band too...

When all of a sudden boredom strikes him...when Def Leppard's was performing

When the Kiss Band Begun

Got back from a mile walk and finally settles in the car

wide awake, instead he plays something fun

Yes...the traffic we need to face after the concert

Let's not forget the souvenirs, we bought 3 shirts for my husband, son and myself. Totally outrageous prices, but husband mentioned it's worth the money. Man!

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