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Driving, Travelling

This happened last Tuesday when I was driving in and out of town unexpectedly. I don't mind driving at all, as I would like to be familiar with the roads/streets in this place. Gaining also my confidence on the road would be a great way in order for me to drive in an expressway someday.

It was almost half day I think, and drove at least I don't know how many miles from Frewsburg to Kennedy, NY to return the truck we borrowed from my husband's Aunt.

As for the pregnant woman, it might not be exhausting for me, however, I was in the weeks where I need to regain more energy, but physically can't as my body starts to feel heavier than the usual. I should have exercised more like walking in order to get myself ready for the upcoming big event.

It was a fun experience, but my whole body aches after we get home and settle and all I want to do is just to lay my back on the bed to rest. 

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  1. Oi, Buntit for real na gyud ka Mommy Novz? Congratulations! How nice nga tig-drive2x na ka dinha. Ako diria, back to scratch na pud sa driving kay lahi ang controls aning mini-van :) hehe Night2x!


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