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Finally finished this book after years

It's been earlier this year when I finally finished reading this book that I started to read I would say 2-3 years ago. Okay! I'm not a slow reader, it's  because I procrastinate to read the whole book that sometimes I have no time to read even at night while waiting for me to fall asleep. It wasn't like the same before when I can read a book that is not even thick within one day. I less read now and plus I have problems when I started to stare at those letters longer it seems like I'm starting to have double vision. I guess, it is time for me to start reading books again, huh!
This book caught my attention and I do find it very exciting and interesting, plus, very detailed romantic scenes. Totally this book is for adults only, though the beginning was pretty mysterious and exciting I don't fine the ending as I thought it should be. Somewhat the Author definitely just wants to finish the story to have a happily ever after.

However, I still recommend this book to those who look for ebooks to read, this is free on Amazon when you download it into your Kindle. I do hope you'll find this interesting just like I did. 

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