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Psychic Gifts: What Kind of Medium Are You?

According to some, everyone is psychic. The only difference is the degree to which one is psychic and which powers one possesses. According to proponents of this theory, all one needs to do is hone his or her skills and figure out which gifts they possess. Here are some examples of psychic powers you may secretly have buried in your subconscious.


If you’ve ever had psychic readings in the past, you’re probably familiar with this gift. A clairvoyant can see non-physical realities or dimensions. They can also see surrounding energies or auras of people. Clairvoyants also see a person’s psycho spheres.
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While it sounds similar to a clairvoyant, the clairaudient can hear events occurring at long distances in the physical world. It’s sort of like super-hearing. He or she can also hear events occurring in non-physical dimensions.


Clairsensitive is a person who feels the surrounding energies and non-physical consciousnesses. Training in this discipline allows you to feel all that touches or could touch you from a distance.

Remote Viewer

A remote viewer is a person who can see consciousnesses, events, people, places, and things from a long distance from the actual event. The remote viewer is also able to describe what’s being seen in real-time, even with eyes open. This appears as a lucid dream of sorts.

Lucid Projector

A lucid projector is an astral traveller or sky walker (no, not like in Star Wars). The person leaves his or her physical body or soma in the physical dimension and then goes on an exploratory trip to other physical or non-physical locations. He or she gathers useful information that the soma cannot get from being awake. These lucid projections amplify the level of physical and non-physical awareness of the soma’s reality.

Lucid Dreamer

The lucid dreamer is a person that has achieved control of dreams which become increasingly more lucid. The control over the dream state allows further control and lucidity which provides the dreamer with information that may be useful in the physical realm.


A person with this ability can see or gather information from a possible future. While they do see possibilities, they are not true fortune tellers in the sense that they cannot predict the future with absolute certainty.


A telepath is a person who can read the information being sent from one mind to another. This person is, in effect, a “mind-reader.” In the physical realm, the telepath is able to read the alpha rhythms of the two communicating consciousnesses, thus essentially running interference between them.

Telepaths may also be able to communicate with other telepaths who possess a high level of functioning with this ability.


This person can read information contained in the energy of objects. The psychometrist learns information from the past, and he then presents details about the personality of the owner of that object. In a sense, they are able to take information from the object and then “see” from that object’s perspective.

Pamela Foley is a writer who is searching to find her true psychic self. As she does her journey, she plans to write all about it and share what worked for her - and what didn't. You can find her interesting articles on many websites and blogs.

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