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The Death Screen of an Ipod touch

I was totally devastated the minute I saw what just happened to my first apple gadget. Accidents can be prevented only if we stick into our words, whenever we teach our children. My son dropped this iPod touch in a soup bowl while he was playing with it during meal time. I knew, something could happen to it and that day came. I should be meaner that time before things occur to thwart it, hence sometimes regrets happens when things are already done. 
To make it short, we did the necessary things to do in order to regain that iPod's power and for our son to be able to play with it again. It took us 2 months  before we settle on taking it out from the plastic bag full of rice. It worked fine, though I've seen the white screen's death [as what they said it is, when you open your iPod] at first, but it just goes away, was very happy thinking I could ever use it again. However, after weeks of using the gadget it was gone and this time today, while playing Pandora the white screen comes back and surely for good. I could not see anything anymore and I felt so bad about the fact that I could no longer use the device, even when for music purposes only.

Just so sad, that I have no easy way to fix the problem, unless I would take such risk to open the device. If sending it to the apple company might cause us to purchase a new one.


  1. That's why, we are not allowed to have gadgets in the table. So far, my kids are really god with it. Sorry about yours.

  2. Ouch! That's also one of my fears whenever I let my son play with our apple devices. Never imagined that that rice strategy works even only for a few months. I'm sorry to hear that there's no way to revive your gadget, it's a pricey device so it's so hard to just dispose and throw it away.

  3. My experience with Apple, even if you have insurance, you gotta be really irate when you talk to them and wear some really nice clothes. LOL! Good thing you didn't have to deal with them because you were finally able to make it work after 2months! Whew! I wonder what happened to the rice. LOL!

  4. Sad naman that your iPod is gone for good. Moral of the story, buy another one. Just kidding sis.

  5. Oh, that's sad that it has happened to you, well we all do at some point in time, cheers, you might stumble into a brand new unit anytime soon :)

  6. Yes! that stinks Mommy N :-( we already fix the screen for our iPad and now it has scratches again. Kids play with their toys very rough :-( The handsome C should be careful next time :-)

  7. I feel you, sis. Sorry to hear about your iPod Touch's demise. Our son also plays with gadgets while eating, a habit that we hope he'd be able to break soon with our constant reminder.

  8. It's so sad that it ended like that. You can get one for sure.. It may not be in an instant but soon. :)


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